Saturday, December 27, 2008

CALM DOWN, LADY! I'm a little O.C.D. about things. I'll be the first to admit it! I get an idea in my head, and I cannot rest until it is COMPLETE - not just started - but COMPLETED! I probably stress other people out (like my husband) because of this trait, but the fact of the matter is, I'd personally be more stressed than anyone if I didn't do the things I'm motivated to do - so I feel like just goin' with my inclinations is best. :)

Here's my list of "to-do's" which started Christmas Day (afternoon hours)...we've been working very hard over the past 2 days but have still managed to go on a few bike rides with the kids and even enjoyed a few basketball games with Shepherd. :)

1) Take all christmas decor down, box up and put away. Replace with the kids new reading nook. (CHECK!)

2) Take brass chandalier down and paint white to match,..I mean "eclectic style" kitchen. Purchase fabric to create the sleeve for the chandalier chain. (CHECK! CHECK!)

3) Paint kitchen a happy color. (CHECK!)

4) Paint front porch rocking chairs a bright white. (CHECK!)

5) Finish hanging the kids and family pictures...complete the kids office nook. (CHECK!)

6) Tear down the "wet bar" (CHECK!),

Rip off wall trim for living room and dining room storage closets (CHECK!),

Sheet rock both walls allowing enough space for one normal sized entry way which will be through the living room side...(Chad's doing that as we speak!). Tear down the wall that divides the two storage rooms and create one large room (Chad's doing that as we speak!). **The goal is that this room will become one large utility room for washing clothes, ironing, folding, and will also double as an art/scrapbook room.**

7) Haul away every stinkin' tree in this yard before I go back to work! (This will obviously have to be Chad...and thankfully he has a fork lift to help him. This is going to be a huge job as we have about 25 trees that still need to be cut down, chopped up and hauled off.) Prepare yard for eventual sodding and fencing.

8) Pressure wash house and prepare it for a brand new paint job! (While Chad works on sheet rocking our storage rooms, I will be pressure washing the driveway and house...we're double-teamin' it!) The paint has been purchased - it will be kind of a colonial style. The exterior walls will be a grayish-white, the trim a bright white, the shutters and garage will be navy.
**This is a pic of our entry way and we just love the origonal color of the door...we're leaving it like that.**

OK MOM! Are you happy now?! :)



Gina Harmon said...

Wow! To say "yes" would be to admit being a driving force behind this unbelievable "tornadic" amount of energy and determination! say "no" would be almost like saying I didn't appreciate what you did! Hmmm! I'll just say that I am very very impressed with the fact that not only have you both done an extraordinary amount of work in a World Record (I'm sure!)short amount of time, but you've done an extremely good quality job and to top that off - it looks like a decorator designed it!!! Love the yellow you picked for the kitchen. In fact, all the colors look great! You guys are both soooo amazing. It really looks beautiful. Can't wait to see what it all looks like when you're done! Now, PLEASE don't interpret that as "get it done tonight!"!!!:)

I'm also impressed that you've spent some time with the kids too. It's probably a good time to do stuff like this though, b/c they're enjoying their "stuff" from Cmas which should keep them occupied for a while! Love the reading nook!

I really do appreciate the pics so I'm doubly amazed that you even thought to take pics along the way! I'm sure you're both feeling the rewards of your hard labor - but it sounds like you've got a lot of energy still to use for the projects you are still working on! Pay attention to your bodies and take lots of breaks! Thanks!

Kate said...

Can you come to my house in Knoxville and get a few things done? ;)

Everything looks great! I love the entryway, too.

Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

Katie, I don't believe you two need any help - you've both done an amazing job on your own place! But I will say it is more fun to work on other people's house than it is to work on your own. (at least that's the case in my opinion...)

The Dawkins said...

Looks good, I always love to put the tree up and then am ready to take down as soon as Christmas is over!!

Amanda said...

Wow! If you would like to tackle a few more projects, I have what you're looking for at my house! ;) I know how you feel. I feel good myself when I can check projects off the list.

Michael and Hannah said...

You are waaaaaaaaaaaay too productive to be my friend!!

Melody said...

Goodness you make the energizer bunny look LAZY!!

Everything looks wonderful, now please share some of that energy with a tired Mommy ok?!

Sara said...

Wow, Lindsey!!! I think I'll keep you in mind when we move into a house that is ours!! What do your kids do while you are doing all this??? That is where I always get stuck!

Jordashblack said...

Wow I am impressed!!! That is a lot to accomplish in only a few days! Your kids are so adorable. Glad I found you guys!