Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The land of the living...

If it weren't for the gosh-awful virus I got last week, the move in to our new home, and the busy busy schedule at work, I'd wonder if the past two weeks had even occured...but based on the exhaustion I'm experiencing right now...I'm guessing that the two past weeks were not a dream but were in fact reality - and we survived! whoo-hoo! We are in our new home now...our renters began moving in yesterday and we're thrilled at the news they shared explaining that they intend to live there for a very long time! (We feel the same way about THIS house!) Chad, myself and Dennis painted 5 rooms within 3 nights...each room was huge and required 2-4 coats of paint...we were all wiped out by the time the carpet installers arrived on Saturday. Lo and behold, I came down with a horrible stomach bug Friday night that lasted nearly 5 days...to be honest, I'm still not myself but at least am functioning and back in the land of the living. Chad's parents kicked in and helped pack us, move us and clean our condo for our renters...I really don't know what we would've done without them. I am SUCH a strong person and not being able to help was such a frustrating experience. I'm one of those who will help you move your house when I'm pregnant...much less when I'm not - needless to say, we are very thankful for Chad's parents willingness to help us!

Our new furniture arrived last week...we have a new dining room table which seats 8 (yay!), two new couches plus a loveseat, and a new king bed for Chad and I. We are already loving our new house and feel so comfortable here. There is still TONS of work to do but we're beginning to feel as if we can slow down a little and just get it done bit by bit. The kids are running, jumping, playing and acting like normal children should in their home! I'll post more pics soon of the rest of the house...Rauly's room is the only one that's half-way done.

Shep's favorite passtime...our tire swing! The kids LOVE this thing and would literally spend all day long out in the back yard if we let them. Chad and I are getting a good arm work out since the kids claim they can't push themselves...hmmm...

Rauly's new bedroom furniture and bedding. We found the bedding on Overstock.com and fell in love with the sweet butterflies...we decided to paint the room pale yellow to match the butterfly wings...the bedding is sooooo soft and Rauly loves it! :)

Rauly's new reading area...we hung a sweet, flower chandalier above her yellow rocker and it makes the most relaxing spot for us to read together. The kids have both decided that sitting under the chandalier each night and rocking has to be a tradition...fine by me!

Rockin' "Candy" (her doggie that Aunt Jenny got her from Build-A-Bear) and telling her that she'll share her "My lil' ponies".
Rauly finishing up our picnic dinner in the backyard.


Hannah said...

I am so excited for y'all. And, don't you just love Overstock.com? I ordered some bedding from them, too! They have a great selection! Good luck with the rest of settling in!

Melody said...

I have never been to Overstock.com but you can bet I will visit that site tonight. I Love Rauly's bedroom it's so sweet. Ella's room is yellow and I just think it's such a happy color. I can't wait to see the rest of your house.

Sorry to hear about the stomach bug, Ella's was VERY mild so she will be back at school tomorrow. Not sure if it's going through the preschool but I know at the Elementary school and our street is running through like a wild fire.

See you tomorrow :)

nancy said...

Your house sounds so nice. Looks like the back yard is a wonderful place for the kids. Sorry you have been sick. Hope you are better now.

Gina Harmon said...


Rauly's room is so cute and she looks so happy and proud. I'm so happy both the kids can romp and play and that you don't have to worry about that in your own home anymore. Isn't it nice that you have this big back yard? You and the kids are going to love it. Can't wait to see it all. I'm so thankful Linda, Dennis, and Jenny were able to help you with the move. You need to get well now!

Candace said...

Sorry to hear that you've been so sick! We've been fighting it too! But very glad to hear that ya'll got moved and settling in now. Rauly's room is so cute, something that will grow with her too! Shep looks like he is having a blast in your new big backyard!

Michael and Hannah said...

Wow, you've been busy! Rauly's room is just gorgeous!

Jamie said...

Oh wow!!! I've missed so much!
I love the pic of Shep on the tire swing!
Can't wait to see you Monday night!!!