Thursday, October 09, 2008

Did you know how well 4 and 2 year old children can clean?!?! If not,...let me enlighten you!

1) Shepherd vacuumed (with a hand vac) our dining room and kitchen.
2) Rauly placed all of her daddies shoes in our shoe organizer in the downstairs closet.
3) Shepherd carried 3 of my briefcases and both his and Rauly's backpacks upstairs and put them in their appropriate closets.
4) After Chad and I had folded all our clothes, both the kids picked up the piles and put them where they belonged.
5) Shepherd vacuumed (with a hand vac) both our bathrooms.
6) They picked all their toys up in their room and put them away.
7) They picked both of the clothes baskets and put them in their appropriate closets.
8) They brushed their own teeth.
9) They put on their pajama's all by themselves.

And what did Chad and I do?....
***Sat back and smiled with pride!*** NOT because they simply did their chores...but because they helped us with JOY and when there was nothing left to do (ok...when there was nothing left to do that a 4/2 year old could accomplish) they were dissapointed and asking for more tasks!

On a very different note...
Everyone knows that Rauly looks identical to her daddy and her Aunt Jenny...but once in a blue moon, I occasionally see glimpses of myself in her. Sometimes she'll smile and I'll see my mom in her...sometimes she'll laugh and I'll see my cousin Brook in her...and sometimes...not very often...but sometimes, I'll see myself. I can't ever put my finger on it - I don't even know what it is that I see that is familiar...but it's there...and it just warms my heart! For anyone out there with a child that looks NOTHING like YOU - I have a feeling you can probably relate. :)


Morgan Holt said...

It's funny what your kids can do if you let them. I've been surprised recently with how much Emmersen WANTS to do those things. She wouldn't call them chores but obviously, they are. Isn't it nice to see them wanting to pitch in with the family responsibilities? Just another way that our children are growing up so fast on us. Also, although Rauly might not look a ton like you, she has a lot of your traits and spirit shining through her that make her resemble you more. You're a great mom with a great spirit!

Melody said...

Most everyone says how much Ella looks like her Daddy but then recently I have heard several times that she looks a little like me........Oh how I love to hear that. My Mom swares she looks a lot like me but I think she is wearing blinders.

Oh and can you send Shep and Rauly home with me one day so they can get my house clean and laundry done?

:) Melody

Michael and Hannah said...

Teach me, Yoda!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow linds! I need to know your secret my dear.... Please, do tell. :) How is the new house?

Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

It's called the power of DELEGATION! I learned this through my current job and am quickly learning the beauty of using those "work-related skills" and bringing them in to the home. :) I simply tell Shep and Rauly what I expect of them and they do it...joyfully I might add! Try it out on Jace - I'm sure he'd have fun helping you!

Gina Harmon said...

Wow! I am so proud of you and Chad for giving them the opportunity to work and praise them for it and making them think it was fun ( and it is when they're getting praised for cleaning up rather than messing up)! It's sometimes easier to do these things ourselves b/c we can do it faster - but this way - although it does take some patience - it really teaches them so much more! Good job parents!

On the other note - you know I'm going to say that she resembles you in several ways - although I'd be crazy not to notice she looks just like Chad and Jenny! :) However, Shep does tend to resemble you a bit - :)