Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sharing Tree Preschool Orientation
Rauly and Shep both attended Orientation at their preschool today - it was so fun to see them both giddy with excitement as they ate their b-fast (as fast as possible) and took their baths (as fast as possible), so that they could get dressed (as fast as possible) and put their back packs on! :) Looking at these pictures, I'm just amazed at how fast they are growing...I love them both so much and an very proud of the children they are becoming - they're beautiful inside and out! Since I was working (duh!), Chad took them both to meet their teachers and classmates...he said they both loved their teachers and were already beginning to make friends. They have no clue that their mom is the boss-lady...which is something I don't want them to figure out - I have no desire for them to think they are in some way in charge simply because I am! Orientation went so smoothly though - I was thrilled with the fact that there were NO gliches - just a few more days till school officially begins!

Rauly with her new backpack...which is as big as she is!

Giddy with excitement!

Shep...ready to start his last year of preschool...I'm savoring this year because Kindergarden starts next year - (sigh)...

Shep's new backpack which is quite a big bigger then last years!

Rauly with Mrs. Hoch (the music teacher)...she will be in her class twice a week. Rauly knows Mrs. Gray (her teacher) very well but was meeting Mrs. Hoch for the first time...walking in to her classroom brought on the butterflies a little as you can see in this picture...she looks a little unsure. :)

Shep and his buddy from last year, Thomas, exploring their new classroom.


Jenny said...

Lindsey, these are so cute! I can't believe they're both going to orientation....they look so grown-up!
I'm so proud of both of them. I'm praying for them AND for you as the school year starts--I know you're going to do a wonderful job!!

tleaf10 said...

unrelated to your post - it was a tobacco thermometer and Uncle Mike got it right :) You and Melissa don't know what you're talking about! :)

Wes Woodell said...

Hey, thanks for keeping up with the blog :)

We appreciated ya'lls help back in January!

How's life in Florida? How's Jacob doing?

Kate said...

I'm so glad things are going good with school! Your kids are growing fast!! They are both going to be tall like their mommy. Love ya, girl!

Melody said...

Goodness you're so lucky they are both so excited about school. I only wish they would both rub off on Ella. We have had a lot of tears today because she knows school is tomorrow. You might be calling me tomorrow to come get my hystercial girl.

Hope everything continues to go well at school. Lets meet for coffee soon.


Melody said...

ps. I forgot to add that Rauly is a spitting image of her Dad!

The Brown Family said...

Ok, I finally got it to work!! YAY! It's been forever since I have seen your blog!...I feel bad!
I LOVE the new look!! (you've probably had it forever by now i'm sure) Did you do it or have it done?
Your kids are some of the cutest kids I have ever seen! Rauly is just beautiful and I just love Shep's sweet personality. Sterling starts his first day back to pre-school tomorrow. Hopefully it goes as well as yours!
Ok, I can't believe you have grown since college...NO FAIR!! At 5'2 I wish I could just get about 3 of your inches! :)

Angela said...

Hey Lindsey- So cute backpacks! Can you tell me where you got them done??

Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

Angela - we purchased and monogrammed them through Pottery Barn.

Gina Harmon said...

Oh, they are so cute and just reading about their excitement makes me just smile from ear to ear! They are so precious. I'm so glad you are enjoying their growing up years b/c it does go so fast. You're going to have a journal w/pics thru this blog for them to read when they get older! Glad school is going so well for them and for you! Our course, I knew it would! I love the phone calls from them as well as the voice mails! Love you!