Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I am admitting that Chad and I are totally hooked on this show!! Yes...the commentary is a bit corny at times,...but by the time it gets to the "Sweeper"...we are completely mesmerized! I'm tellin' ya'... on no other show will you find a more ridiculous obstacle course!!! I have laughed so hard on this show I've cried - it's stinkin' hilarious!


Anonymous said...

We love this show! Justin and I DVR it and watch it every week, even Lane likes it. The hosts crack us up, even Lane knows who they are. She'll point to the tv and say, "It's the Johns, Mommy."

Sara said...

Zach and I watch this show (when we can!) We laughed SOOO hard! Carter was even cackling.

Shannon said...

That is Beckham's total favorite show. He watches the recording of it 1st thing every morning and then spends the rest of the day coming up with his own wipeout zone in our house. He makes us do "punchy hands" so he can run past and see if he can dodge our sucker punches!