Sunday, July 06, 2008

We're baaaaccck! :)

Quick overview of our trip....

**Wednesday June 25th - Drove through the in to AR Thursday around 6:30am!
**Friday June 27th - Drove to Missouri and arrived at the Big Cedar Lodge Resort...enjoyed EVERY moment of our time there!!
**Monday June 30th - Drove back to Little Rock and visited with my dad.
**Tuesday July 1st - Chad and I visited the church we got married in...that was really neat to bring the kids there! We then went to Pinnacle Mountain and had a picnic lunch. It was a gorgeous day! Chad flew back to FL that day to work our business.
**Wednesday July 2nd - Visited with my college roomie and dear friend - Amy Bell! Her two children were so sweet and we both hated to say goodbye...BUT...I had to head out to Searcy! Our next stop was the Neal House - Sara Jo and I were both so excited to see how well our kids played together and promised to make sure and get together each time were in town so Carter, Shep, Rauly and Addie will all grow up friends. The two of us had a great visit as well!! From there, I went to the Parkers House....Annette is a dear friend of mine that I met while attending HU. I used to babysit for her sweet girls, Emily and Molly...crazy because now her girls are nearly old enough to babysit MY kids!
**Thursday July 3rd - Mom surprised me by having Mike come home and watch Shepherd and Rauly so the two of us could go have lunch together. She treated me to lunch at "Cheers" which is a quaint little cafe in the Heights. It was nice for us to visit uninterrupted. That evening, my Uncle Craig, Aunt Denise and cousin Lauren came and had dinner with us.
**Friday July 4th - We did some shopping in Midtown and then headed over to the Clinton Presidential Library. From there we headed over to Maumelle Park for their 4th of July festivities. It was a great day!
Saturday July 5th - We left at 3am to come home to Florida...arrived around 7pm and were greeted by Chad, Peepaw and Meemaw. Chad cooked us a wonderful dinner and then we crashed!!

It was a great trip - short but sweet! I feel blessed that I have two places where I feel so at home...both Little Rock and Orange Park! I know I didn't get to see everyone I would've like to, but I promise to do my best to stay longer next time - love to you all!


Candace said...

Whoa! I'm exhausted just reading about it! Sounds like ya'll had a grest time. It's always nice to get away from home to visit everyone, but isn't it great to get back home?

Hicks Family said...

glad you are home. hope you have a good week at work. call when you get some free time... :)

Justin & Shauri Phillips said...

Goodness, you guys were really busy. Again, sorry we didn't get a chance to get together. :( Maybe next time we'll do better! Love ya!

Kim said...

That is one busy vacation! I think you need a vacation from your vacation:) Glad you had fun!

Kate said...

How fun! I'm glad you had fun and I'm glad you got home safely.

Michael and Hannah said...

All of those photos (sort of) makes up for your long blogging absence! So great to see those adorable faces again! I meant to e-mail you and tell you, but Wesley randomly kept asking for a "Raryshep" again and again last week. We couldn't figure out what he was asking for. Finally I sat down and tried to get him to describe it to me, and he started talking about Mickey and Pluto, and I said, "Oh! Do you want to see Rauly and Shep?" His entire face lit up and he said, "YES! Rauly and Shep!" He was so excited that we were finally on the same page! So adorable, because we hadn't talked about that play date in a long time. You guys made an impression! Your hair looks gorgeous, by the way!

Hicks Family said...

would you get off the couch and update your blog...I mean, you act like you have a job and everything...j/k...I love ya!