Monday, December 17, 2007

I received an email from Sara Jo today who shared with me that there had been a tragic accident that involved an HU alumnis. I'm putting this on my blog because many of you know of the family involved - Mrs. Crockett was one of the professors in the FCS department and her daughter, Elizabeth went through the FCS program with me. I'll continue to update my blog as I receive updates on how Elizabeth and Stephen are doing....please pray for their family.

Update #1 from Dr. Burkes
I am sure that almost all of you have now heard of the tragic accident yesterday morning involving Sharen Crockett's daughter and family. As I understand it, Stephen and Elizabeth Rose were on their way to church in Rosebud when they were involved in a terrible accident when an equipment truck lost control and landed on top of their SUV. Both children, Tanner and Brooklyn, were killed, and Stephen is in stable condition in Little Rock and Elizabeth has broken bones and is in the hospital here in Searcy.

Update #2
Elizabeth will have surgery on her arm tomorrow instead of today and her pelvic bone is not as bad as they thought, it is broken but not crushed so it looks like no surgery for that. Steve is still sedated and surgeries on his face can't be determined until the swelling goes down. They are going to keep him sedated until the swelling goes down. Funeral arrangements for the kids have not been made yet, but are supposed to be finalized today.

Update #3
Kelley Rose called and wanted to give a short update on Steve and Elizabeth Rose. Elizabeth will go in to surgery today to repair her arm. She does have a cracked pelvis but it will heal on it's own. She is at White County. Steve has had one surgery on his face. He is at St. Vincent's on University Avenue in Little Rock.

A memorial scholarship fund in Tanner & Brooklyn's name is being set up at all banks in Searcy. More details will be forthcoming.

Elizabeth & Steve Rose would like to ask for continued prayers for their healing and they thank you for all your visits and prayers thus far.

Update #4 from Jama

Just a little update. There are rumors going around Steve died, he did not. Shane went up to the hospital today and saw Elizabeth. Of course emotionally she is a wreck, but her surgery went well and physically she is doing okay. Funeral arrangements for the kids are still on hold, but they are setting up a scholarship fund at Regions for them for people to donate to instead of flowers. Steve is still the same, sedated waiting for the swelling to go down. We had a couple of people call today because they had heard Steve died and apparently that rumor is going around, so thought I would just set that straight. And Elizabeth told Shane there is a 50/50 chance Steve knows about the kids, he was awake at the wreck site and when the ambulance got there they sedated him, so they don't really know if he knows or not. Elizabeth was awake the entire time until the amublance got there and when they pronounced the kids dead at the site she was also told, but she is just not sure if Steve heard or not. Anyway.... keep praying for them.


(Also, the last email Sara Jo sent me said that the funeral arrangements have been put on hold indefinitely due to the fact that they will wait until Stephen and Elizabeth can both attend.)

Update #5
This is an official statement from the family of Elizabeth and Steve Rose (Jimmie and Sharen Crockett from Rose Bud and Nellie and John Rose from Charlotte) sent by a loving family member or friend. 12/19/07

Thank you so much for your love and prayers during this most tragic time in our lives. We cannot begin to express to each and every one how much your love means to us. We want to get everyone an update on Elizabeth and Steve to try to stop the rumors that keep circulating.

ELIZABETH had surgery on her arm yesterday (12/18) and is doing better today. She is sitting up and talking to everyone and is very sore. She is still in White County Medical Center and will be for a few more days.

STEVE will have some reconstructive surgery today on his face but continues to do well. He is on a ventilator for precautionary methods so that they can keep him completely still until they do the surgery. He is in St. Vincents in Little Rock.

We are touched and honored that we have had so many requests to help during our tragedy. We can definitely feel your love as the prayers are wrapped around us. At this time, we feel that the best way to remember Tanner and Brooklyn is to establish a memorial fund so that Steve and Elizabeth can create an endowment in their memory and in the future fund a baseball camp or donate books to a library or establish a scholarship in memory of each child. We would like for Steve and Elizabeth to be able to determine the cause at a later time. There are several locations you may make a donation including any First Community Bank in Bald Knob or Searcy or any of the Regions Bank locations in Bald Knob and Searcy.

You can also mail money or checks to the following:

Tanner and Brooklyn Rose Memorial Fund The Tanner and Brooklyn Rose Family Fund

c/o Regions Bank c/o First Community Bank

2717 East Race Avenue 2401 Beebe-Capps Expressway

Searcy, Arkansas 72143.

Unfortunately, there isn't any way to call with a debit or credit card or any way to go online and make a donation.

Again, thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!

This original message has been sent by Cassandra (Sample) Feltrop and I have been working with Sharen and Jimmie to ensure the message is 100% accurate. Please pass this message on to any friends or family or churches who have asked for information on the family.


kristy patterson said...

Lindsey, thank you for the updates. This family is in our prayers.

Stephen & Britney said...

This story has been on my mind since i heard about it Sunday. I did not know that they were HU alumni.... crazy sad.....

Thanks for posting the updates...

Kevin and Laura said...

Thank you so much for posting about that. I can't imagine anything more painful than losing both of my children. We will be praying for them.

Ezell Family said...

That is so sad, I will defintely be praying for this family.

lauren said...

Lindsey, Thanks for keeping us updated. I have been sick about this and have prayed many times for them. There really are no words. Keep updating if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Any "new" news on the Rose family. I've heard more rumors, but nothing concrete. Anxiously waiting in Texas. Thanks for all these updates!