Friday, September 14, 2007


These days, it's the little things that just make my day (or night!). Last night, Linda and Jenny came and babysat our kids so that I could go out for the evening with my girlfriends from church - to them it might have seemed like a little thing, but to me, it was HUGE!

Calls from dear friends as I'm walking out the door just bring a smile to my face - to them it might seem like a little thing, but to me, it's HUGE!

Night's like tonight, when Chad comes home 3 hours early with a bouquet of flowers in his hand...well, enough said, right?! That alone will most likely make my week!!

My mom has always said I was easy to please, quick to share my time and toys when I was a little girl. I think when I was in highschool and college, I became a little spoiled but over the past few years, I'm finding that I'm reverting back to my old-self. And I'm thankful for that, because I'm finding that when I'm un-spoiled, I'm a MUCH more thankful and grateful person!!! SO, I thank God, my family and my friends for all the little things ya'll do to make my life a little easier and more full of joy - I love you all!!


Kate said...

Yippeee! Flowers and a Girls Nite Out! I wish I could come! Have a great time.

Angela said...

Girls night out is the best! I SO look forward to them- glad you got to enjoy one!

Michael and Hannah said...

People love doing things for appreciative people... it's clear that you're an extremely appreciative person! Early on in our marriage, every time Michael brought home flowers, the first words out of my mouth were, "How much did those cost?" I'm just a joy, aren't I? Now on the very few occasions (national holidays like Valentine's Day and the like) that he dares try to bring me flowers, he walks in the door saying, "They only cost $3.99!"

Anonymous said... sweet, Chad! You're such a good guy! Linds, you know you're lucky! :)