Friday, September 07, 2007


I've been up since about 2:30 this morning...didn't go to sleep till around midnight so that means I've gotten about 2.5 hours of sleep. During the time I've been awake, I've gotten a good amount done - I sent several emails, worked on Christmas For Kids, did my CBS bible study, got some things prepared for Shep's second day of school which is tomorrow, and am now blogging...unfortunately I have absolutely nothing of interest to talk about so right now, I'm just rambling. :)

Actually, I do have something to share - Rauly is now sleeping in a "big girl bed"! You can see the "Siegel Family Blog" for pictures. She's been in the big girl bed for two nights now and has done great! It was sad to take down the crib, but we felt like it was time (actually, there just wasn't enough space for bunk beds, a twin bed plus a crib!). I tried again today with the potty training. I bought a set of those plastic panties and was under the impression that when she "pee-peed" she would feel least uncomfortable enough to tell me she needed to be changed. Not Rauly-girl....she happily sat in her pee for I don't know how long...she was blissfully ignorant. SO, I guess I'll wait a little longer till my next attempt...I know ya'll may be thinking that I need to try a little harder and for a little longer, but seriousely ya'll - I don't have time to potty train a child who has no clue she's even peed in her britches...I'd rather wait till there's just a hint of awareness on her part. With Shep, I saw potty training as a way of making my life easier...with Rauly, I view diapers as a way of making life easier! :)

Guess I'll go ahead and sign off here...I think I'm boring myself back to sleep! It's a shame my kids will be up in about an hour. Ugh! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


Ezell Family said...

Can anyone say naptime for everyone today?
Don't you hate it when you can't sleep? I tossed and turned all night, probably cause I'm stressed about school work.
Was the transition to the big girl bed easy for Rauly? When did you do that with Shep? Austin is SO long in his crib, I was thinking of taking off the front so we can get him transitioned to a bed.
Hope you get some rest this weekend!

jkbaber said...

2:30 WOW!! I would have to take a nap if I woke up that early! But doesn't it feel good to get so much done? I agree with your potty training decision. I feel like we started way to early with Avery. She wasn't interested at the time we started and we are still going through potty training issues. Some of it I think is her personality. She doesn't like to tell me she needs to go she just likes to go to the potty on her own. Sometimes she doesn't make it. Right now we are using Skittles to bribe her into going. Shepherd's first day of school pics are adorable. What a big boy!!

Lindsey said...

Sorry to hear you tossed and turned too...not fun! To answer your question, Shep was 16 months when we transitioned him to a twin bed and he was very ready and excited - it was a very easy move for him! Rauly has also done really well...I think she's liking the freedom of getting out of bed on her own after her naps and in the mornings. She had a nightmare last night (which is unusual) so Chad and I are hoping that she wasn't scared from being out of her crib,...but other than that, that's been our only issue.

I think Avery and Rauly are very similar in their personalities (my mom tells me often how much Avery reminds her of Rauly). I think she'll be very easy to potty train if we wait till she's ready...but like everything else, we'll have to do it on her clock. :) She's been kind of late on everything...self-feeding, walking, talking, I'm just assuming she'll take her precious time on potty training too! :)

Jamie said...

I love your blogging, Linds! And the pictures are just wonderful! I agree you should wait on the potty training Rauly! What's the hurry??? Enjoy your baby-girl!

Michael and Hannah said...

Lindsey, I'm a little behind on blogging... I missed the one about Shep's first day of school. How exciting! I am such a cheese ball about first day of school photos. I have a first day of school photo of me every year of my life... including each year of college. Whitney and I would always take one of each other, standing there with the traditional back-pack stance! what nerds! BTW, you look beautiful!!!

Lindsey said...

Jamie - SO glad you left a comment on here - you're my very first Jacksonville friend to comment - now that I've got you on here, I'll have to start encouraging you to start a blog of your own!! :)

Hannah - you really need to do a post on your "school picture" with Whitney - that would be sooo funny and a walk down memory lane for all us HU bloggers!