Friday, July 27, 2007

Shepherd and daddy checkin' out the ducklings that just hatched in one of the ponds...they were SO sweet! As you can see...Shep got a huge kick out of seeing them!

Yesterday, I took Shep to Meemaw and Peepaw's for the night and me and Rauly had the evening all to was really really nice. It's amazing how much more talkative Rauly is when Shepherd isn't around...gee, I wonder why?! ;) This morning, Chad and I brought her in to bed with us and gave her some serious 1 on 1 time and then later took her for a walk and played hard with her at the park. While I was getting ready this morning, I noticed she had gotten really I peeked in on her and this is what I found...she had zonked out in the middle of all our pillows. I guess we wore her out! :)


tleaf10 said...

Sweet Rauly ... love sleeping babies! Shep's smile is so cute!

Nathan & Lindsey said...


I can't believe that about your car. I guess that you are still searching for a new one. I hope that you have better luck next time!

Mom said...

That Rauly girl is so sweet! I'm sure she loved the one on one. That's a rare treat for a sibling to have one on one with their parents! Glad you could do it! Congrats on your new car! So glad you'll be able to travel in comfort and with room for stuff and friends!