Sunday, June 10, 2007

This has been a pretty hectic past few days - it's actually been an unusually hectic past few weeks...and I'm beginning to wonder if this is just how life is going to be with two toddlers! Between playdates, church functions and family get-togethers, I feel like every day is filled with activities...and when I'm not doing any of those activities, I'm either on the phone with my close friends or I'm cleaning my house - both of those latter two things I wish I had more time for...ok, cleaning doesn't sound like fun but due to befriending some very left brained people :), I've learned over the years to prefer a clean home to a messy home!!

Sorry got a little distracted from the origonal reason for this post which was to tell the things we've been up to! On Friday, some friends of ours from Savannah came down to meet us at the Cheesecake Factory. It was great to see the Arnolds and the Livingstons - we were in a church homegroup with them for a few months before we moved to Jacksonville and they've done a great job of keeping in touch through email and occasional phone calls. That night we went to Chad's parents home for dinner and to send Jenny off to Nicaragua! Jenny (Chad's sister) is going on a medical mission trip - we're so proud of her and can't wait to hear how her trip went!
(Cheese cake factory we met at...)

(St. John's Town Center we shopped this place!)

On Saturday, Chad and Shepherd took the boat out on Black Creek with Dennis (Chad's dad - a.k.a. "Peepaw"). Shep's been on Peepaw's boat before but it's been a while and he absolutely loved it - they saw lots of flying fish and are hopeful that the next time they go out they'll either see dolphins or manatees. :) While they were on the boat, I took Rauly to the pool for some one-on-one swim time - we had such a good time and she just ate up the undivided attention...she doesn't get much of that!

(This is the reason I'm terrified to go skiing or tubing in FL - everyone says they're harmless and everyone also seems to think they're adorable...if I felt this thing touch my legs or toes while I was in the water, I would die of a heart attack!!)

Last night we had some friends over from the Lil' Gym. McGuire was Rauly's friend but him and Shep played so good together! It was a good night!
(Rauly's short photo-op!)

(Rauly and daddy nappin' before our company arrived...)
(Rauly and McGuire playin' on the train table...yup, they're in their jammies.)


Hicks Family said...

I could tear up some cheesecake factory right now. I could tear up any food factory actually!

Hicks Family said...

Did I spell that right? Did I write, tear as in tear a piece of paper, or tear like tears streaming down my face? Maybe they are spelled the same and it just looks really odd to me.

Lindsey said...

Ok Melis - that was pretty funny... :) I'm pretty sure that tear (as in tears streaming down your face), and tear (as in tear a piece of paper) are in fact spelled the same! I've never thought about it though and now you've got me doubting myself! :)

Hicks Family said...

glad I could entertain you...We have been having a good time with Terri here. I worked today, so that has kept me busy, but we have the rest of the week. Not sure if we will go to the beach, but if we do, we will of course call you.
HOpe you are having a good week.

The Dawkins said...

In regards to the manatee and the heart attack. When we were in St Aug last week we went down to Mantanzas Inlet, Donald was WAY out fishing, he said he saw what he thought was a huge patch of grass then it turned kind of at an angle, so he thought man that is a big stingray, then it turned even more. Yep, manatee he said he about died right there, since it was about 5 feet from him. Like you said people say they are harmless but they are still wild animals and we are in there environment.

Page said...

I love that pic of Rauly with the flowers! So sweet! I keep hearing about the Cheesecake Factory from lots of blogs but have never been! I must find a city that has one and go, I think!