Thursday, June 21, 2007

A-Campin' We Will Go!!!

Chad and I are going to Anastasia Island tomorrow for a rendezvous (kid-free thanks to Dennis and Linda!!), and are planning on roughing it on the beach! We are SO excited!! We reserved a spot and have our "mega tent" ready to go. :) I went to the Library today and stocked up on books to read on the beach and Chad has cards, frisbees, footballs and of course, our doggie Chase to play with! We are mainly looking forward to having a few days to talk to each other uninterrupted - we couldn't think of a more peaceful place to go than camping by the ocean! SO - till next Tuesday...enjoy the camping song I posted - it made me laugh out loud!!

I am going camping.
(point thumbs proudly to chest)
Time to pack
(point to wristwatch)
My tent, my bedroll,
(Make tent with hands; then fold hands to cheek.)
And a snack.
(Pretend to eat)

I'll sit by the campfire
(warm hands over fire.)
Its glow so bright.
(Fan and wiggle fingers to resemble fire.)
Then snooze in my tent
(Pretend to snore.)
'Til the morning light!
(Open eyes wide, forming sun over head.)


The Dawkins said...

sounds like fun, is that near St Aug or Jax??

Kate said...

Hilarious song! It's so funny because Aaron and I just went camping without the kids, too. During our Kojie days, I bet we never would have thought of camping as the ideal romantic getaway spot--funny how having kids changes our perspective! Sorry it's been so long since I've commented--I've been out of town and unable to spend much time reading my usual stuff. I'm glad to be back!

ezell family said...

Have fun camping! You know I never liked camping, but maybe camping by the ocean would be nice. Enjoy your kid-free trip!

jkbaber said...

Your song cracks me up! Y'all will have to much fun just the two of you. We are headed to Branson for the weekend. I'm sure I'll have some pictures to post when we get back. Have a great weekend!

tleaf10 said...

That sounds like a great vacation ... you and Chad can sit by the fire and he can stare into your blue (I mean brown) eyes! :) I'll have to teach you some good camping songs that are a little more upbeat than that one ... do you know "Little Cabin in the Woods" ? It's a classic!

Anonymous said...

Have fun getting some quality time together. I've never camped by the beach, but it sounds wonderful! I love hearing the ocean waves! Take care! Love, Shauri

lauren said...

That sounds wonderful!! What a great idea! I can't wait to hear about it!

Anonymous said...

That is great to get away, I hope y'all have a wonderful time! By the way, the song you have on your blog is one of my favorite songs by Casting CR.. Have fun!
Sara Jo

Lindsey said...

For the first question...Anastasia Island State Park is actually on St. Austustine! I know Amelia would love it there - they offer many recreational things that she would just adore!! (If you wanted to go there for the day, it's $5/vehicle to drive on...)'re so right - although I have always loved to camp, I certainely have never thought of it as a romantic get-away...still don't really see it as a romantic getaway, but I do see it as a quiet peaceful getaway and that's really what we needed!!

Terri - I do not know "Little Cabin in the Woods"...but Chad and I did sing a few other camp songs while we ate Smore's Saturday night...reminded me of camp days when I was little! You'll have to teach us your camp songs and then we ALL need to go to Montana and go on a real camping trip - you're dad can be our leader and we can all ride horses in to the wilderness....ha ha - lion's and tigers and bears - oh my!!

Jennifer - Glad you were finally able to leave a comment!! Are you guys going to Big Cedar Lodge in Branson?

SaraJo - Chad and I both love Casting Crowns too...their music is always so applicable to real life!