Saturday, April 14, 2007

I got these questionaires off of other peoples blogs and thought it would be fun to fill them out!! Hope all of you do too - I'd love to read about your highschool days!! :)
What song takes you back? What does it take you back to?

Here are a couple of mine...

Ghetto Superstar - of my best friends from highschool (Lindsey Niesson) and I used to sing this song ALL the time!! I can remember when we were at the lake our junior year and were waiting to water ski together and we tread water for like 5 minutes singing that song.

Girls just wanna' have fun by Cindy Lauper - My freshman year at HU, during the actual Spring Sing performance, me, Laurie Christian, Andrea Garza, Haley Stiles and a few other girls went to Sonic after we had performed for the first time and blared this song the entire way - such fun!!

*Pretty much anything that was sung in the 80's : Black Velvet - Red,Red Wine - Foot Loose - Copacabana - It's Rainin' Men - Islands In the Stream - Take My Breath Away - Material - you name it, takes me back!!! :)

Senior Year Questionnaire
Fill this out about your SENIOR year of high school! The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be.

1. Who was your best friend?
Ryan, Erin, Linz, Hayley, Hollie,...ok, so it was more of a "group" of best friends!

3. What kind of car did you drive?
First if was the Red Beretta,...after I wrecked that one I got a red Contour.

4. It's Friday night, where were you?
Junior year I was a lifeguard and several of my friends would regularely come meet me after hours and we would hang out till curfew. Senior year I was out with friends driving down Woodson Lateral (a street in LR that was suppossedly haunted), or just hangin' out actin' like a bunch of goofs!.

5. Were you a party animal?
NO! I was a good girl..honestly there were a few times that I behaved like an idiot - but for the most part, I was not a party animal!

6. Were you considered a flirt?

7. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir?
Choir and Southern Magic

8. Were you a nerd?
Let's be honest here - I don't care who you were (whether you thought you were cool or a nerd)....weren't we all nerds?!?! I guess in highschool terms, I can say I "straddled the fence" and was friends with everyone.

9. Did you get suspended/expelled?

10. Can you sing the fight song?
I remember the tune and the phrase "Fight onward Mustang, Hold your banner high"...really pathetic how bad my memory is - but I don't think I knew the fight song when I went to school there!!

11. Who was your favorite teacher?
My first Choir teacher - Gary Wilson

13.What was your school's full name?
Central Arkansas Christian (CAC)

14. School mascot?

15. Did you go to Prom?
I'm assuming this question means jr./sr. as we called it. Yes I went, both years.

16. If you could go back and do it over, would you?
No way! I really wouldn't change anything so it'd be just a waste of time. (OK - that was a whopper of a lie - I would totally change lots of things!! - but NO...I do not want to go back to highschool!!)

17. What do you remember most about graduation?
I remember how EVERYONE was balling and I was like "Why in the world is everyone so sad?!?!" To me, it was such an exciting day and I didn't view it is as the "end of a chapter"...I truly saw it as the "beginning of a new chapter" and that was SOOO exciting to me!

19. Where were you on senior skip day?
did we have one of those? Maybe it was the day we all "skipped" but had to stay and play games outside?

20. Did you have a job your senior year?
Yes - I worked at RanchKids.

21. Where did you go most often for lunch?
My friends and I would always speed down Maumelle Blvd and go to either Sonic or McDonalds.

22. Who did you have a crush on?
I never "crushed" on guys I didn't actually least I don't think I did - if so, I don't remember them!

23. Where did you go after graduation?
A guy named Max had a party at his house.

24. When did you graduate?

25. Who was your senior prom date?

26. Are you going to your 10 year reunion?
I would like'll just depend if I can make the long trek.

27. Who was your home room teacher?
I have no clue!!

28. Did you get good grades?
I was a B student....not great but not bad either.

29. Best memory senior year?
Wow - it's amazing how quickly you forget. I would have to say it involved either Southern Magic performances, Junior Olympic Volleyball games or my Senior trip to Panama City - guess it's a toss up!


Hicks Family said...

I think I learned some new things about you from this. The music was cracking me up too.

Hope you had a good day. I am off to bed...yes, it is only9:00.

Hicks Family said...

hey LInds, when you get a chance check my blog...I need some ideas...

lauren said...

I think I knew your choir teacher! Does he have red hair? His parents (if it's the same guy) went to my church forever (his mother still does and his father died recently), but I'm pretty sure he grew up at our church until he graduated.

Lindsey said...

Dr. Wilson did have a slightly reddish tent to his hair - his son actually had BRIGHT red hair so maybe Dr. Wilsons hair just darkened as he got older. That would be really interesting if it is the same man!

Lindsey said...

BTW Lauren - I don't know how to leave a comment on your blog now but just wanted to say that the pics of James are just darlin' of his 1st b-day! Looks like you guys had a very special day celebrating!

Jenni said...

Hey Lindsey! I just happened to find your blog on a link. Two kids!! Wow! Nathan and I have an almost 7-mo-old, Sam. Southern Magic and Chorus are definitely my favorite memories of high school!! Sometimes I wish I could do that again, but still stay in the present with my hubby and son. Good to hear you are doing well!
BTW, Mr. Wilson's brother has red hair.

Anonymous said...

You crack my stuff up! How similar we are! I know we were 2 years apart, but why didn't we ever hang out in high school? We have so much in common. I swear, just about all of your answers would be mine as well! :) You're too cute! Love you! Shauri