Friday, April 06, 2007


Chad is in Nashville and Shepherd is with his grandparents,....SO, while the boys are away, the girls will play!!! :) Rauly and I got a pizza and had a picnic on the kitchen floor tonight. I could seriousely eat pizza for every waist line and my common sense tell me this is not a good idea, but my taste buds say "bring it on!!". Needless to say, we both really enjoyed our dinner tonight!! After that it was bubble bath time - we have Dora the Explorer and Diego Bubble bath and Rauly chose Dora the's a good thing because Diego is a boy and obviousely no boys were allowed at this party! After Rauly got her hair blow-dried (yes that's right,...I blow dry her hair every time it gets washed now - her hair would seriousely be out of control if I didn't!!), we went and painted our toe nails - I was shocked, but Rauly just sat there like Lil' Miss Priss....she didn't mess with her toes at all while I did it!! I think we have a total "girlie-girl" on our hands (and I'm fine with that!). I had SOOOOO much fun with her tonight - I get a little teary eyed thinking about how much I love her! Rauly is naturally quiet,...but when you have her one-on-one, she just comes alive and you can tell she just thrives on that attention!! I could just eat her up!!! I can't wait to wake up with her in the morning and have her all to myself - we get to go to gymnastics together in the morning and than we're off to pick up Mr. Shepherd....I always miss him when he's not here, but it's been nice just having girl time. :) Chad comes back tomorrow - and than it's Easter time. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday!!! :)


tleaf10 said...

keep up the girl time! That sounds like a lot of fun ... Melissa said it's about time to paint Kayden's toenails too! :)

Jenny said...

Looks like so much fun! Glad you both had a good time--see you tomorrow!!

lauren said...

How fun! Adorable pictures!! Rauley looks so cute and BIG all of a sudden!! We eat pizza every Monday night because we can get a large for 5.99! :)

Mom said...

Looks like Rauly wasn't the only one who thrived on one on one attention! Adorable pics! Glad you girlies were able to enjoy each other! Amazing that she sat there so quiet and still to have her toenails painted by her mama!